The French Jacket – The Finished Product

The Chanel Jacket - The Finished Product

So after several weeks & hours of hand-stitching (I’ve lost a little bit of feeling in one of my fingers I’ve pricked it with the needle so often :S). I’m finally done. Finished. :D Here’s some pictures of the finished product. Pattern used:¬†Vogue V7975 as a basis, check my previous posts to see more details … Continue reading

The French Jacket – Setting in the Sleeves

So the jacket is finally finished! Before I put up pictures of the finished product, I thought I'd do a quick post on how I went about setting in the sleeves. Originally I thought I'd handstitch the sleeves in to better control the easing of the sleeves. But I decided against it for two reasons, … Continue reading

The French Jacket – The Trim

So it's taken me a week, but I've finally finished stitching the lining pieces closed. I know I said that my next post would be on hemming, but I've decided that it would actually be better to attach the trims prior to hemming. Doing this means that I will be folding backing the facing material, … Continue reading

The French Jacket – The Seams

I've been fairly absent from posting this week. That's because I've spent all of my spare time quilting the panels for my jacket. I've (almost) finished. I have two panels left to quilt for one of the sleeves. I'm not going to do this until after the first sleeve has been set in as I … Continue reading

The French Jacket – Quilting

On Sunday afternoon I cut out all of the pattern pieces & started to quilt the lining & facing panels together. In all my reading on the quilting of jackets I’d heard that the quilting can shrink your pattern pieces. I was really unsure how to cut everything out & then quilt it to account … Continue reading

The French Jacket – Muslin

I made a muslin yesterday with my pattern. For those of you who've never done this, it's really simple & doesn't take much time at all! For this coat I'm not using the lining pieces provided by the pattern. Instead I'll just be cutting out the facing pieces in the facing material & the lining. … Continue reading


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