The Dress – The Professional Photos

These photos are a collection of my favourites from the professional photographer. We got married at Ripponlea Estate, in Melbourne. The guy in the grey suit is my awesome husband. These photos were taken & editted by our photographer, Tatiana Koulatsos at Red Butterfly Photography, (

Come Together (The Dress That Is)

wedding dress 074

This is my (second) last post about my wedding dress, & the last about the construction as I’m sure you’re all sick of reading about it. This is the bit where I put all the pieces together. But before I did I made one last component, the sash. I haven’t spoken about it because it’s … Continue reading

The Dress Part Three. The Lace Coat.

The third part of my dress is the little lace ‘coat’ that was sewn to the corset. I used the pattern from V2979 to make the lace jacket. At thi point it’s important to mention that the pattern (V2979), has been created without a corset, the full weight of the skirt is held by the … Continue reading

Post number two about my wedding dress, the one in which I make the skirt.

I started with a pattern, Vogue V2979, & made a practice skirt using some old cotton drill I had laying around. Whilst overall the skirt took a beautiful line, particularly the train. I really wasn’t keen on where they had put the seams & gathered it. It was a little old fashioned. Also I have … Continue reading

The Dress Part 1. The Corset.

It’s taken me a while I know… but here is the first of my posts about the wedding dress I made for my wedding. The first thing that I made was the corset. This was the structural part of the wedding dress that holds up the skirt, relieving the lace of any force due to … Continue reading

‘The Dress’ Status Update – COMPLETE!!! (Almost)

I’m very happy to say that today my mother & I did my final fitting of my wedding dress & we put the pieces of it together. There are a few small things to be done, there are some buttons that still need to be hand sewn on & we will need to put in … Continue reading

‘The Dress’ Status Update – BUTTONS, BUTTONS, BUTTONS!

> What a week! This week I covered 60, (yes 60!) teensy, tiny, buttons for my wedding dress. I looked for a little while to see if I could find a button covering service that would do it for me, but all the ones I found were closed over the Christmas break. So I bought … Continue reading

‘The Dress’ Status Update – DISASTER!

>Today was not a good day for sewing… Whilst fitting my dress today with my mum, I pricked my finger on a pin* & bled on the lining of the dress**. Mum & I spent the next 10mins frantically trying to blot the lining with a damp cloth without touching the silk for fear of … Continue reading

‘The Dress’ Status Update – Corset Complete

>This week is my wedding dress week. I hope to have the dress (almost) complete by the 4th of January. It will still be missing some buttons (I’m getting custom silk covered buttons ordered in) & won’t have been hemmed (because I have been lazy & haven’t got my shoes yet…). But both of those … Continue reading

The Dress

>Over the last couple of weekends I’ve spent hours & hours (roughly 5 hours counts as hours & hours right?) in bridal stores around Melbourne looking for ‘The Dress’. I love shopping, I love putting on beautiful things & parading around. I thought this would be fun, this would be a great laugh. I’d try … Continue reading


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