Converting V8146 into Vintage Vogue 9061


To make the pattern for my last minute dress, I used Vogue V8146 as a basis. I normally struggle to find shift dress patterns that fit me well, my hips are normally too big relative to my bust, but this pattern is pretty good by comparison, it’s a little snug around the hips but that’s easy enough to let out a touch.

In order to change V8146 into Vintage Vogue 9061, I only had to change the rear panel, the front panel was left as is. It was a pretty easy conversion. First I traced the rear pattern piece & cut it in half along the waistline.

I added a seam allowance to both pattern pieces along the cut line.

To make the V-shaped neckline at the rear, I used a tape measure to measure how deep I wanted the V to be & then transferred that measurement to the pattern. I made another mark 15mm higher (my seam allowance) & I drew a straight line from that point to the shoulder seam.

To make the bustle pattern I simply measured the length of the skirt & then cut out a square of fabric that was the full width of the fabric (my silk was approx 1m wide) & the length of the skirt. When I made the bustle I gathered it between the two darts in the back of the dress.

To make the pink ‘wrap around’ ties I cut out two strips of fabric 3 inches wide & then sewed them closed with a 15mm seam allowance, trimmed them & turned them inside out.

The bow at the back was another rectangle that was cut out – sorry I don’t have measurements, this was done in the panic stages of sewing. I literally lay out the fabric, made a mark for the width of the bow, said ‘yeah that’s about right’ & cut.

A couple of final notes. I made some construction changes that didn’t affect the pattern pieces, but may help you put the dress together if you make the same pattern changes I did.

  1. I moved the zip from the back seam to the side seam to avoid having a split bustle. This didn’t result in any pattern changes as the rear seam of V8146 is curved & so I decided not to mess around & try to eliminate it.
  2. V8146 isn’t lined. I lined it using the original V8146 pattern pieces. This worked quite nicely.
  3. I used snap closures to hold the wrap around ribbons in place, positioned just above the bustle, in the final version of the dress. This was one of the items held together with safety pins when I first wore the dress :S
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