Vintage Show = More Patterns = Happy Steph

Vintage Patterns

Yesterday my friend & I went to a Vintage Clothing, Jewellery & Textile show at the Melbourne Showgrounds. We had a lovely day browsing through all the beautiful stalls. It was mostly clothes & jewellery but a few stalls had some fabric & patterns. I found quite a few patterns that I liked, but in the end I only came home with six new patterns (silly mortgage ruins all my fun).

As well as pattern hunting I really enjoyed looking at all the dresses for inspiration, (the prices were mostly $200-$400 so buying dresses wasn’t really an option). I spent a bit of time looking at the insides of the dresses too. There seemed to be quite a few home made garments & I wondered what these home seamstresses would have thought if they had have seen there dresses hanging there on the rack for $400+.

I also noticed how trends in fabrics had changed. I’m not sure about you, but I rarely see printed  or painted organza in a fabric store. At the vintage show it was everywhere. I saw the most stunning gold painted organza dress on one stall, the paint had held up so well over the years & hadn’t faded or cracked. I have no idea how the owner kept it so immaculate. I also saw a lot of texutred tulle.

All in all it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

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