Greg’s Shirt – Practice Shirt Finished

I finished off Greg's practice shirt & Greg kindly agreed to model his new shirt here on my blog. He took great delight in replicating all the classic menswear campaign 'looks'.




Not so sure about the last one…

I'm quite happy with how the practice one turned out. I'm particularly happy with some of the smaller details, like the way I got the stripes on the sleeve placket to match perfectly with those on the sleeve.

Here's the usual summary of the information about the shirt;

Pattern used: Colette Negroni
Fabric used: Printed cotton
Time taken to complete: About 10 hours, most of this was back & forth work during the fitting stages. Now that I've made Negroni for Greg pattern it shouldn't take as long.
What I like: I'm quite happy with the fit though there are a few more tweaks I'm going to make prior to making the Space Invaders shirt. I also really like all the small details, the placement of different coloured stripes, lining up the plackets nicely with the sleeve & so on.
What I don’t like: The print of the fabric just doesn't seem to fit in with Greg's normal style. I'm not sure if he'll wear it much.
What I learned from this project: I'd never made anything fitted for a guy before. That was a real challenge, also I'd never made a shirt because I'd always assumed they were too much fuss & bother, but I've since found that their not that fussy after all.
Would I make another: Yes, this week in fact! In case you're wondering, I'm on holidays at the moment, hence the sewing & posting overload.

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One Response to “Greg’s Shirt – Practice Shirt Finished”
  1. Millie says:

    Hi, I followed the link from Flickr to here….What a great job you did on the shirt…I would love to try a Negroni shirt. I will check back to have a look at the next one…the Spoonflower fabric is fabulous.

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