Travel Wardrobe On Tour


I was going through some old photos today & realised that I whilst I devoted innumerable posts to my travel wardrobe, I never actually posted any photos of me wearing it overseas, so better late than never…

Our holiday was only a week long. We went to Malaysia for a friend’s wedding & then flew to Hong Kong for a short stay with some friends who live there. The top photo is of me at the top of the peak in Hong Kong, wearing my watermelon shorts & Anda top.


This was our first day in Kuching, Malaysia, I’m wearing my roman holiday skirt & white jersey top (both self-made). It was about 5pm in the afternoon & we went down to the river to watch the end of the boat races, grab a beer & meet up with a few other Aussies & New Zealanders who’d also flown in for the wedding. Afterwards we crossed the river in boats to go out for dinner. The bride & groom had very kindly planned a big dinner for everyone so we could all catch-up/meet before the wedding. The picture below is of the sunset as we were crossing the river in the boats.

This is me with my brother (left) & my husband (right), in front of one of many cat statues in Kuching. I’m wearing self-made linen shorts & a top my mum bought for me last Christmas.


My husband & I heading to the wedding. I’m wearing my blue & green dress.


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