Verka Dress

Last night, I went to see Verka Serduchka with my husband & his family. It was a lot of fun, even though I didn’t really understand anything that was said (my Ukrainian is limited at best). But I love the music, so I still had a great time. I also love Verka’s outrageous costumes (you can’t go past the mirror ball headpiece complete with giant star), so I thought I’d get a little dressed up.

Aren’t you a little old to be buying that?

As you know I love a good fancy dress party. I also love anything that’s really tacky or so bad it’s hilarious. So for my 26th birthday party I decided to throw a ‘Prom Gone Wrong’ party. I challenged all of my guests to dust off their (or in many cases their parent’s) most embarrassing formal wear & wear it along to my party.

Today’s to-do list

Bake cakes Decorate cakes  - Xappy Birzday - Hippy Bathday - Happy Birthday Steph underneat the carrot - Happy Birthday Steph (Kiwi Fruit Allergy) Re-arrange furniture Buy crowns Buy Passion Pop & West Coast Coolers (hot I know…) Buy hideous corsage Buy cheap booze Buy streamers Put streamers up Print out voting forms Set up voting box Set … Continue reading


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