Blue & Green Dress

So I finished my blue & green dress, just in time to wear it to a friend’s wedding yesterday. Really all I had to do from wear I left off was attach the front facing to the lining along the top seam, add in a zip & hem. Then I made up the sash quickly. I thought I may need to secure the fabric to the lining around the waistline to hold it in place but I didn’t which was great.


Please excuse the crinkles in the dress, I’d just been sitting in the car for 45 mins. Anyway, here’s the summary.

What I’m wearing: Dress made by me. Coat made by me. Thrifted handbag. Joanne Mercer shoes. On a side note. What is with companies not making navy shoes anymore! The only pair of navy shoes I could find this week cost over $600! WTF?! In the end I had to settle for these, which I’m going to call ‘dark blue’ because they’re not really navy.
Pattern used: Simplicity 2639. Altered for length & internal corset added. A quick note on the pattern. This was a really nice pattern for me, I didn’t need to make any modification for fit. I made a 12 instead of a 10 because I was planning to zip it up instead of lacing the corset, as per my previous post the dress pattern didn’t come with a corset I added it, you can find instructions here. I considered taking it in a little around the bust, but am glad I didn’t (I don’t think the zip would have taken the strain!).
Fabric used: Navy wool rayon blend. Green silk sash (not sure what type of weave it is, but it’s very heavy & very stiff), both from Stitches. The wool rayon blend was a beautiful fabric to work with, so light & soft with the loveliest drape. The dress is lined with a lightweight navy silk & heavy interfacing, from Darn Cheap Fabrics.
I like: Everything. The dress fit really nicely. The corseting worked out really well & the sash looks really clean & nice. It also has a really nice quality finish.
What I don’t like: Nothing. I love this dress. OK maybe I don’t like the fact that I can’t gorge myself on food whilst wearing this dress. And I look like a bit of a doofus if I have to try & bend over or get in/out of my husbands sports car. But I think these are worthy sacrifices for the cause.

So if you excuse me I have a little gushing I need to do…

Excluding my wedding dress, it’s been a long time since I’ve made something that I’m 110% happy with. That’s definitely not to say that I’m not happy with what I make. Aside from the occasional disaster I love the things I make, but I’m normally left wondering if there was something else I could’ve done to improve this, or if it would have looked better I had’ve changed this or that slightly. The other thing I’m really proud of with this dress is the finish. I spent a lot of time making everything ‘just so’ and I think it’s really paid off. The last time I can remember being this happy with a dress was back in 2007. I made a ball gown out of silk my mum brought back from Vietnam for me. I still wear that dress occasionally & I’m still really proud of it. Funnily enough it was also Navy. Maybe this is a sign…




Anyway enough talking myself up. This week I promised my husband I’d make him a few things, so we’ll see how that turns out for me.

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2 Responses to “Blue & Green Dress”
  1. Pam says:

    LOVE it! Gorgeous colour combination & fits like a glove. Good to see your beautiful coat came in handy too.
    p.s. on a side note – great hair!

  2. This is such a lovely dress! I especially like that you added a built in corset–I never thought I could wear a strapless dress until I wore one with a built-in corset. And recently I have been seeing them popping up in patterns like Vogue 1174. Yea for dresses that fit well!
    The sash is also a very nice touch. Congratulations on making a dress that you love–it really is a great feeling.
    Also LOVE your coat. The fabric really makes it wonderful :)

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