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    I’ve been sewing for about 7 or so years now. I mostly spend my time making dresses, evening gowns, coats & jackets. Lately I’ve really been enjoying learning about vintage techniques & couture techniques, & applying them in what I make. When I'm not sewing, I love to be baking & cooking for my friends & family. For years I loved baking cakes & making fancy desserts, but recently I’ve become more & more interested in savoury dishes. Who am I kidding – if looks tasty, I want to make it & eat it! I keep this blog to keep a record of what I’ve made, how I made it, what worked, what didn’t. I hope that others gain some value from the information I post here.
Almost Finished00

After 18 months, you’d think I would have finished this dress…

This dress is quite deceptive, in the photos it looks pretty finished but alas it is not… It’s extremely close. All the labour intensive jobs are done. I’ve done all the hand stitched pleating on the sash & bow. I’ve finished attaching all the beading and the dress is mostly finished. There are a few … Continue reading

Blue Evening Dress - Orchids in May

Into the Archive: Blue Silk Evening Dress

I thought I’d do another post on something I made a long time ago… I made this dress to wear to a ball in 2007. I’d been sewing for about 2 years when I made this. This was the first dress I made that I thought was constructed nicely. I’d made a few ‘fancy’ evening … Continue reading

Silk Pants - Orchids In May


Last week was Frocktails. A night of dinner, cocktails & talk about sewing. It was great to meet so many lovely ladies who love to sew & to see their gorgeous creations up close! I have to send a massive thank-you to Kat from All the Whimsical Things for organising such a fun event. Even though the … Continue reading

Laurel Top

A few weekends ago I felt like making some new tops. Colette Patterns had just released their new Laurel pattern. So I thought I’d try it out. I used a vintage cotton for this top, it has a nice weight to it making it perfect for an Autumn top. The pattern came together quite easily … Continue reading

Instructions for Vivienne Westwood Inspired Skirt - Orchids In May

DIY Vivienne Westwood Inspired Skirt

Yesterday I said, I’d post some more information about how I made my Vivienne Westwood inspired skirt, so here it is; I started by folding the tartan in half, selvedge to selvedge, I had a piece of tartan that was 1.5m wide & 0.8m long. The diagram below helps explain the basics of what I … Continue reading

Vivienne Westwood Inspired Skirt - Orchids In May

Vivienne Westwood Inspired Skirt

Recently I’d been oogling Vivienne Westwood tartan skirts online. I had small section of wool tartan – about1-1.5m of it, so I thought why not give it a go & try to make one. This is what I ended up making. The wool tartan came from my husband’s grandmother’s collection. I’m not sure where she got it … Continue reading

Little Black Dress - Orchids in May

Into the Archive: My Little Black Dress

I guess I’ve been sewing for quite a while now, (since mid-2005). Every now & then one of my friends will ask me how I made something & then after I’ve explained it to them, they follow up with, ‘I could never do that’. To be fair, if you’ve never sewn before it would be … Continue reading

Red & Navy Silk Brocade Dress - Orchids in May

This dress was the fabric’s fault

I made this dress to wear to a friend’s wedding in March. The red & navy silk brocade was a new purchase, but everything else was made with scraps & remnants already in my stash. The side drape is made with the rayon wool blend that I used for my navy strapless dress, the silk … Continue reading


A Fabric Obsession

Have you ever walked past a fabric store & seen the most amazing fabric OF ALL TIME? Have you walked in to take a closer look, spent a good 5 mins looking at it, before walking around the store pretending to look at other things while really all your thinking is, ‘I don’t need that … Continue reading

Grey, Brown and Cream Silky Dress - Orchids in May

A new dress just for the sake of it.

So I wrote this post 13 months ago. For a dress I made about 14-16 months ago. I don’t know when exactly I made it, but it was sometime during the summer of 2011-2012. But I never got around to taking photos of the dress to go with the post. This probably gives you some … Continue reading


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